Aug 16
Just About to Drop
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I was trying to get this out this week, but thanks to an act of dog that is likely going to get very costly for me (more on that some other time), issue three of Super will be out sometime in the next few days.

On this issue we have myself, Gilbert on the pencils, Daniel Blodgett and Ramon Bunge handling color work, and Angel Patten doing the color flatting work. The team on issues four through six is me handling writing and letters, Gilbert on the art, Daniel doing colors with Angel tackling the color flats.

Here’s a quick link to the cover and see you folks soon for the release of issue three!

Super3 00

Jun 4
Super Sunday
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Issue two of Super is out and ready to purchase. You can do so below!

Jun 3
Crustaceous Hijinks
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Because I get ideas for this stuff when it happens, and some won’t leave me until I make them reality, I present you this:
#covfefe #moana #trump #justadmititwasatypoonatweetyoudidntmeantosendoutyoujackass

May 16
Have a Free Comic Book Today
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The other day (May 11th), I sent a free digital copy of Desert Rose to everyone who pledged to our Kickstarter campaign for Super. This was the book Gilbert did prior to Super, a simple yet sad story of an immigrant trying to cross the border and the horrible circumstance he finds himself in. There is an afterword by Gilbert that adds how he feels about the execution of the project in retrospect that I recommend reading.

We’ve decided to post it up as a “pay what you want” book for anyone out there in the universe who might want it, so please spread the word via social media and send people to to check it out!

See you folks back here in a couple weeks for issue two of Super!

Mar 22
Gumroad on My Shoe (Actually, on My Site)
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I was looking for the best way to sell the digital versions of our books online as they come out. There are some free plugins that people who also use WordPress have made that are alright, but they seem to come in one of two categories: glorified “go to Paypal” buttons and carts for your unsecured, easily hackable website. Since I want a simple, secure way for people to pay and get our products, I decided I either needed to pony up and spend some money on this site or partner with an e-commerce company. This site doesn’t generate any revenue for me, so I went with the latter.

Gumroad will be the payment/fulfillment site all issues of Super and our other stuff will be released through until we’re in a better position to handle that on our own. Click on the link if you’re looking for something similar.

Issue one of Super is now available to purchase, so if you’re one of our backers from Kickstarter, please do us the favor of spreading the word among those you know who may like it (link is! If you’re not a backer, you can grab the issue below!


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