Apr 22

Was just watching Full Metal Jacket the other day while inebriated and this is what came into my head right when Joker finds Pyle in the head…

"Really guys... Just chill out."

Apr 16

Not only do I need to log in to Kickstarter more often to update, but I also almost missed out on this bad-ass lightboard!!! Most artists I know would kill for one of these. So if you are one of the artists I know or know an artist I don’t know (or know an artist I know that doesn’t know I know them), send them over to check this thing out… It only has three days left!

Also, these guys are local, so why not back some Vegas people who want to make something that doesn’t play on the worst attributes of our species?

Apr 4

In my days wandering around on this planet, I occasionally find myself trying to explain my mode of thinking to people. They wonder why I am often indecisive, irreverent and more often still, indulgent. Most times when this happens, I find myself backed into a corner, unable to properly word my viewpoint because of a lack of time to think on the subject (there’s the indecisiveness). This leads to what many will attest are “roundabout answers”, which entail me dancing around and chewing on the edges of a quandary (possibly telling a story I feel is relevant) until I lead them to the answer I want to give. People generally don’t like this. They find it off-putting because they either conclude that the opening bits that fall out of my mouth are my stance, or worse still are of a mind that they are too busy to give me five minutes to come up with an answer to a question that they themselves came to the table with answered, fully formed and ready to defend. The former is almost certainly the by-product of the latter, but I give it special consideration because it typically is subconscious. There are times when the aggravation is caused because the question is small, believed to be a given. But while I do believe that we should not sweat the small stuff, and that it is indeed all small stuff, I do not believe that any question is too small to revisit.

That leads us to a question you may have now: what does any of this have to do with the title of this post? Stop meandering and answer us, you prick! Below is a lecture that was given by John Cleese (writer, director, man of mirth) that discusses the process of creativity. The video explains my typical thought process better than I could have without taking the time to prepare my own speech, so I’m just going to use it instead. Of course, since I am still providing the answer in a way, it is 36 minutes long.

John Cleese – a lecture on Creativity from janalleman on Vimeo.

EDIT on 4-14: And now that video appears to be down. Here it is on Youtube:

Actually, watch this one too.