Aug 19
Another Quickie Update
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We’ve been getting pages back pretty reliably from our guy in Argentina (Ramon) and I can now say that color work on part three of the book is done! He has moved on to part four and once I get a chance to letter the last set of eight he sent me, we’ll be past our halfway point! Sadly, we had to let our other colorist go. Pages weren’t coming back, contact was bad and Ramon has done so much work now that the differences in their styles were pretty getting pretty obvious. I’m going to look around and see if I can find someone similar or if Ramon can take on more of the workload as his schedule frees up.

See? Told you it would be quick!

Jun 22
Amazing Weekend
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Last weekend was the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and me and mine were down there promoting our various projects, including our newest thing, Pixel Paladins. It was a great crowd (especially for a first year con) and I got a chance to talk to a ton of Super’s backers. It’s one of those things that I end up taking for granted; since I know 95% of you personally, I forget that there are those of you who don’t have easy access to ask for updates on the book.

Speaking of the book, the same weekend as the convention, our color artist from Argentina turned in eight pages! I have also been lettering and Dan has finished his vacation so he can get back on color flats. Issue two is officially done and issue three is almost there!

Moving on to progress in other areas, Dan and I started a book that promises to be a lot of fun. Where Super is actually a fairly serious book intended for a mature audience, this is a fun adventure book that people of any age can enjoy. The best part for me? We’re releasing it in black and white! Dan is already 18 pages in and when he finishes up the next scene, we’re going to send it to you all digitally. Below is an image that combines the first four pages of the book (technically, the interior cover/credit pages and then the actual first pages) into one shot. It’s actually funny, but they all look like one page when joined together.

I have another book I’ve been working on, doing inks when time allows. Like Super, it’s a book intended for mature audiences. Unlike Super, it is a straight-forward story about a hitman who is literally haunted by the ghosts of his victims, as opposed to the more symbolist nature of the other book. It’s basically a palette cleanser for me, and like the other book I’m working on with Dan, will be sent to everyone via digital format as a thanks for being so patient with Super.

I hope everyone is doing well, and I look forward to updating everyone again soon!



Apr 12
Short and Sweet
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So, per a comment on the last (rambling, admittedly) update, I thought I’d do a fast one this time. While I think the majority of you enjoy seeing behind the curtain a bit, I also think shorter updates would be good for those who don’t.

So with that, here’s where the book is currently at as far as being finished (this counts colors and lettering).

progress 4-12-13

Now, this is not great when you consider how long it took to get to this point. But when you consider that a month ago I would have put that number at 30%, we’re practically flying now.

Mar 6
Just Sayin’.
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Hugo Chavez died yesterday at the age of 58 (much to the joy of Exxon investors). Paul Bearer died yesterday at the age of 58 (much to the joy of whoever he may have been feuding with). The two men look a little similar and I’ve never seen them pictured together. Thoughts?

Mar 4
8 Bits and Pieces
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We recently started messing around with pixel art and the reaction has been strong enough to justify giving it a website of its own. That said, we’ve purchased the website For now, it will redirect to here, but there will be an announcement once it is operational. In the meantime, we’ll be posting pictures of the pieces we’ve done on here.

Here’s one now:

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