Meanwhile, Back in Our Court

Looks like Bleeding Cool, my preferred comic news site, ran my goodbye to Wishing Well Comics. I had sent them the link hoping to bring the closing to their attention and they decided to post the entirety of what I wrote. I’m glad they decided to go that route instead of posting some bland notice. Before I’d posted about the closing, another store had bought out all of Robert’s remaining stock and have taken pretty much everything that isn’t nailed down, save for what customers had on hold. I can see Robert’s logic in letting them clear him out before any last minute customers could come in and go through everything. Letting a bunch of people cherry-pick the stock might have left Robert with a bunch of stuff another store wouldn’t want and he’d be stuck.

Around here, things have been moving slowly in regards to Super (well, more slowly than normal), but we’ve caught a break and it looks like the guy who has been doing our color flats will be able to jump on and start doing full colors. He just has to get a couple small gigs out of the way and then he’ll begin coloring.

Our pixel art has been growing quite a following and right now we’re running a contest on the Pixel Paladins Facebook page. Through December 7th, every like and comment on the page get you one entry into the contest and every share gets you two entries.

Here are the prizes:
– Grand Prize winner gets a giant Ghostbuster logo ($80)
– First runner up gets a large My Little Pony heart ($45)
– Second runner up gets the Ryu + hadouken blast pictured below ($27)
– Third runner up gets a Large Superman logo ($20)
– Fourth runner up gets a medium Batman logo ($10)

As you can see, lots of big prizes to be had there and if you win a piece you don’t particularly want, you can request another piece of equal value or a number of pieces totaling the same value!


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