Harass & Tell

An artist named Mari Naomi recently had a negative experience on a convention panel. She did not name the other person involved, but he came forward after Heidi MacDonald wrote about it on The Comics Beat. He came forward and offered an apology. This take on the situation and his “apology” is the angrier version of my own. Instead of apologizing for how someone reacts to your inappropriate behavior, apologize for being inappropriate. After which, actively seek out what it is within yourself that made you feel such a thing was acceptable and confront it. Finally, advocate on behalf of your newly enlightened position.

I think more of these incidents need to be brought to light, with names named, if for no other reason than to keep the conversation going. I hope that in the course of doing so, we can assess each situation without a jerk of the collective knee and suss out the proper reaction from our community. We could sort the emboldened misogynists/racists/bigots from the merely ignorant/foolish and maybe bring about some change.

I think Scott Lobdell needs to think about his actions/apology, really get at the roots of of why he would act that way and try again with a new understanding. Who knows? Maybe this coming out is already causing him to take a hard look in the mirror. I can hope so.

If you want to check out Mari Naomi’s book, Kiss & Tell, you can browse it here. If you decide to buy it, they would like you to use this service instead of running straight for Amazon.

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