Trade Aggrievement

A while back, a book called Economix came out that I found to be a really fun way to educate people about how the economy does or (in the case of the last 30 years) doesn’t work. I highly recommend you pick it up if you are at all interested in the subject (you should be since you are a part of the economy and should have a vested interest in things that affect you).

Well, the creators of the book have drawn up a nifty little follow-up that helps show us how bad the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) really is.


If you don’t have quite enough time to read it, here’s the super-short version:

Remember how NAFTA brought prosperity to all the countries involved instead of seeing jobs shipped elsewhere with no benefit to anyone except the people already at the top? No? Well, this is way worse and we need to stop it.

Might be worthwhile to let your representatives know your opinion on that before it’s too late.

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