Something Here Sucks…

So a while ago, when I was running my own Kickstarter campaign, I’d pledged to a book based on a vampire named Varney. For those of you who are fans of horror/dark comedy/vampires/literary history/et cetera, this was a cool idea for a book because it resurrected (pardon) a character that predated Bram Stoker’s vision of Dracula and in fact had set down a lot of what we now accept as tropes in vampire stories (e.g. all that stuff people complain about vis-a-vis Twilight [though the shitty story should be their main concern]). He hit his goal and was able to put out an issue worth of material to shop around.

Cut to now and he has not only been picked up by Mark Waid’s Thrillbent (which is a pretty huge deal itself), but they’ve also got Scott Kolins (he’s worked for everyone) taking on the art chores to not only revamp the original pages, but finish out the series as well. They’re running a brand new Kickstarter to help cover print costs and they have some great swag from a ton of comic greats to offer! If you’d like to see a preview, go on over to the Thrillbent website or their new Kickstarter campaign now. You’ll be glad you did. And if you decide to get some of the sweet, sweet perks that are being offered, be sure to mention in their comments section that I sent you (I want them to know they owe me eternally).

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