A Case of the Hiccups

After looking at feedback from a number of you, I decided to change the lettering on Super to the more traditional all-caps style that comics typically have. I had felt like changing it because I realized that there was no artistic justification for it and the majority of people stating their preference for the classic look sealed the deal for me.

Since there was a sale on over at Comicraft, fine purveyor of comic fonts, I went ahead and bought a very nice font that I liked. Of course, when changing a font and capitalization, you end up having to resize every dialogue box and word balloon. And once I began doing that, I also found myself fixing things that I’d missed during the making of the preview book (like a typo nobody had discovered to that point!) and making a final pass at the dialogue, adding and changing some things along the way.

Once I was happy with everything, I went about trying figure out the best way to create a PDF file for everyone that was of a good quality and not too large of a file. I finally gave in and taught myself how to use a program that I’ve had for years but never bothered with previously that could handle the job. I ended up with a file that clocks in at about 12 megabytes, which will send easily enough through most email clients.

And with that, here we are. If you check your email that you provided on the survey, you’ll find issue one of the book waiting for you. If you don’t see an email from between 9 and 10pm for today (3-12-16), check your spam folder, and contact us if you didn’t get it for some reason. As stated in the email it’s attached to, these are DRM free, so feel free to put the book on any device you want as much as you want!

Please send us letters about the issue to print in future installments or fan art if you feel like it, and we’ll see you again in eight weeks for issue two!

Thanks, everyone!


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